Europa Marmi was born in 1986, when Riccardo Chiola founded a family business focused on stone processing. Here it starts the long experience of Chiola brothers in the field, which over the years has led them to turn the stone in sublime design visions. So in 2008, “Europa Marmi” became Stone Gallery Design, a laboratory where each creation becomes a unique luxury object by the union between the craftsmanship and the most innovative sculptural art trends. Located in the city of Andria, Stone Gallery Design is the concrete vision of a solid tradition linked to values as strength, creativity and passion.

Thanks to the aesthetic sensibility and to the wealth of knowledge and skills passed down over the years, Europa Marmi, with the Stone Gallery Design brand, is able to transform the solidity of the stone in soft furnishing spaces tailored to your dreams of style.
The company handles all the stone processing to guarantee its customers the highest quality, obtained by respecting the natural development of the material without neglecting the efficiency of the most innovative technologies. Thanks to the combination of quality and creativity, Stone Gallery Design became a reference point for whoever wants interior design solutions which reflect personality and taste.